My name is Nallely Cayetano, I am a Latina Nutritionist, mom, and wife. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition and I’ve worked in the food service industry for over ten years. Over the course of the years I’ve encountered hundreds of people (especially women) struggling with nutrition, and body image issues.

I created this website to help other women ditch restrictive diets and find food freedom. It wasn’t until I became a mom I realized I had spent many years (all my 20s) being unhappy with my body trying to shrink myself. I had wasted years wanting to fit into a society’s acceptable weight that continuously lead me to starvation and being hangry all the time. Then it hit me, I realized there are so many women out there struggling, looking for answers and maybe asking for help in the wrong places. 

I want this website  to be the place where you learn nutrition is not an all-or-nothing concept. Once you learn to identify how everything(I mean EVERYTHING!) in your life influences your nutritional habits it becomes a lot easier to ditch diet culture and learn how to incorporate more nutrients into your daily diet. Health is more than just what you eat or how you look and I want to help you understand that. I want to help you understand that when you stop obsessing over food you can start living your life. Maybe you can finally start saving for that vacation trip you’ve been talking about with your friends or wear that outfit you’ve been saving in your closet for a “special” occasion.

Trust me, I know what you’re feeling I’ve been there! But know that you don’t have to do this alone, everyone needs a support system. I am here to help and guide you through every step of the way.